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Make your relaunch a SEO success! This is how we manage your relaunch

Many developers either don’t focus on the SEO side of your website while developing, or they don’t have the skills and competency to do it. Remember that it involves team work with people having a range of skills to ensure proper SEO compliance during the development. We Revamp your website from scratch, giving it a brand-new and enhanced look, along with an amazing potential to rank on the search engines. Every single develop process involves the intent of making it a world-class website that Google loves to rank. This is how we help you with a revamp.

Website Revamp

Our Website Revamp Process

Step # 1

Fixed Schedule and Transparency

Your developer left your business site in a condition where it loses all its potential to ever make its way up. You can’t blame him because he never had an effective team with different skillsets to join heads and create a wonderful SEO strategy right at the foundation of your website. Remember that you need multiple people working on several things to ensure that your SEO works. We revamp your website from scratch and create an effective, SEO-optimized, interactive and beautiful website for you that can put you ahead of your competition. You can get us on board as early as possible so that we can get the best out of your revamp together. Our schedule makes it possible to timely complete the revamp and get rid of all stumbling blocks as early as possible.

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Step # 2

Check the Test Environment

Before your website revamp goes live, we show you the final design for approval. We keep the crawlers active and carry out all important cross-page tests. We keep in touch with you closely and proactively point out errors. All the progress is recorded to create an executive report for you.

Step # 3

Help You Go Live

We raise the curtain for your revamp and work behind the scenes when you go live. From loading time to the Google Analytics real-time reporting, we stay with you throughout. After the relaunch, we check the rankings daily to quickly identify changes and, if necessary, to counteract them. Real-time monitoring helps us do everything quicker.

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Step # 4

Your Revamp will be a great SEO success!

We make your revamp a success! With our professional support and individual SEO advice, your website revamp will make both Google and your customers happy. As a result, you get more traffic, more conversions and more sales for your website!


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