Penalties Support

Penalties can be devastating for your website despite all the efforts – and chances are, you won't even know that you're penalized.

You have been doing your SEO or taking the services of your agency. But it turns out that certain wrong practices, also known as “Black Hat SEO”, turned everything around by triggering Google’s algorithms and your website ended up getting penalized. As a result, you drastically lose raking, DA, PA and all the ranking parameters. This can have a devastating impact on your business. We are here to help you overcome penalties to get back the positioning that your website deserves. Here is how we help you through it.

SEO Penalties

Our Penalty Support Process

Step # 1

We find the reasons for the Penalty

Google penalizes you as a punishment for wrong practices without you even realizing. Why does it happen? Maybe your previous SEO agency has been using black hat SEO techniques that got you into trouble, or maybe your website is just not optimized according to Google’s guidelines. Before you can even start to fight your penalties, you first need to know why did Google punish you with something so serious. We support you in finding these answers. Whether at keyword level or domain-wide, we check the penalty level and find the culprit as our first step.

SEO Solution

Step # 2

We Treat the Problem Holistically

Our SEO professionals give recommendations for optimizing your website to make Google happy with you again. We support you individually and take a holistic view of your domain. This is the only way to ensure that we find the best solution to your penalty problem together. We don’t stop until we turn things around for your website.

Step # 3

We help you fight Penalties

We know what helps against penalties and do everything we can to ensure that your punishment is lifted. This is how we help you to prevent Google from striking again. We ensure that your website recovers from the punishment.

Fight Penalties
top three SEO Ranking

Step # 4

Your Rankings Rise Again

With our plan against penalties, you can not only combat current penalties, but are also prepared for future updates and reviews. This is how we ensure that your rankings recover and your site becomes strong again. Unlike many so-called SEO agencies out there, We never use spam techniques that temporarily reflect results but ruin your website in the longer run.


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