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Our Social Media Management and Marketing helps you position your business and win customers

We deploy highly-effective and proven techniques to convert your Social Media audience into loyal customers and business into a known brand that people talk about and follow.

social media marketing


We analyze target group & channels

What is your target group and how should you best address them? We analyze your audience and screen your competition. We offer you individual help and give you specific recommendations for action. We can also take over the active support of the channels for you.

We manage your social media accounts

We answer questions from your users or (depending on how you want it) also like to point out comments. We measure your visibility on various platforms and post the content that is optimal for your brand success.

social media marketing

We create your individual strategy

We offer you individual attention and give you specific recommendations for action. We can also take over the active support of the channels for you. We post articles, pictures, videos for you with our in-house social media marketing team.
Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn? We are here for you.

Brand awareness and image improvement

Social media reinforces authenticity and gives your company a positive, approachable character. Your customers are happy and perceive your company more positively. Get more leads from social Media with SCW!


We analyze your Facebook measures

We check your Facebook marketing activities and take a close look at your numbers, content, advertisements and target group. We analyze your measures using various tools and check your procedure from the first contact with the user to the purchase.

We optimize your Facebook marketing

We ensure a traffic boost for your website and open up new target groups for you with Facebook ads. With targeted re-marketing, we bring undecided customers back into your shop through retargeting ads and turn your customers into loyal fans! We will also show you how to get in touch with your community and help you use Facebook as an ideal addition to your customer service!

facebook marketing

We create your individual Facebook marketing strategy

Together we inspire your customers with creative content and get fans that spread your brand. For this we create an individual Facebook marketing strategy for you and build on it creative content in the form of videos, slogans, graphics, magazine articles, surveys or similar for your target group.

Your Facebook marketing works!

For your Facebook marketing to succeed, it doesn't just need creativity. We support you with strategy, planning and target group-specific content creation. Precise monitoring & transparent reporting of your social media activities complement our Facebook marketing services. Offer your customers interesting, entertaining and relevant Facebook content: Seo Creative Writers will be happy to help you.


We analyze your campaigns (planning)

We analyze your previous activities on YouTube or help you get started with YouTube campaigns for the first time. Advice on suitable advertising formats for your video ads is just as important as the correct linking and integration of your YouTube ads. Increase brand awareness and increase sales!

From monitoring & reporting to optimization

Through precise and transparent monitoring and reporting of ongoing campaigns, we can optimize your YouTube campaigns and keep an eye on budgets and costs. This way we can reduce wastage and together achieve your marketing goals in a cost effective and success-oriented way.

youtube marketing

We create your individual YouTube strategy

We make sure that your ads really only reach the people relevant to you. With strategic group targeting, we define your target audience and ensure that the campaign is played out specifically for the right users. Together we define a specific objective that suits your company. We create individual video ads that are strategically designed for your target audience.

Targeted use of YouTube campaigns!

Your YouTube ads reach your target group and through the individually planned delivery of your content, your company increases its brand awareness. Use the potential of your products and, together with SCW, increase the turnover of your company through YouTube campaigns. Our Ads experts support you in using the platform optimally for the goals and performance of your brand.


We analyze your content

We analyze your previous content and tell you which pins are particularly well received by your target group. For a comprehensive overall picture, we also take a closer look at your competition, identify trends and define your target group.

We look after your Pinterest channel

We can manage your Pinterest account completely. We create articles with added value that lead new customers to your website and thereby increase your conversion rate. In addition, we evaluate your successes regularly so that you stay on the right course.

We create your individual strategy

We develop a detailed strategy for your Pinterest channel, adapt the editorial plan accordingly and adapt your goals for your Pinterest marketing so that you score long-term with creative content and your brand remains known to your ideal audience.

You benefit from more traffic & sales

With a detailed Pinterest analysis and strategy, you use the powerful image search engine to your advantage and increase the awareness of your brand. We help you to address your target group with creative boards and contributions with added value, so that you are always one step ahead of your competition.


We analyze you & your competition

We evaluate your Instagram insights correctly and show you where you can still explore potential and which content will get you further. At the same time, we analyze how your competitors interact with their target group and which trends work for you.

GET successful with us

Instagram creates personality for your company. We help you develop an editorial plan so that your contributions remain structured and lead to long-term success. With our support, you can deliver high-quality content and make your users happy.

instagram marketing

We create UNIQUE INSTAGRAM strategy

From the results of the analysis, we develop a targeted Instagram strategy for your social media marketing. We make sure that this channel fits perfectly into your corporate strategy. So you can use Instagram specifically for your marketing goals.

Increase USERS & sales

With a well-thought-out strategy for Instagram marketing, together we can gain more followers and build a greater reach. We use Instagram as an effective targeting and retargeting option and thus specifically increase your brand awareness.


We will find the right platform for you

We analyze your business sector, your target group and your objectives and we recommend the suitable business platform. Your B2B target group is addressed directly in the LinkedIn career networks: a perfect addition to paid search ads via Google. Our targeting is very precisely aimed at your B2B target group, which means we avoid wastage.

Increase B2B leads, awareness and traffic

We help you to increase your awareness in the B2B segment and your traffic. By choosing the right business platform, targeted support, duration, budget and ad formats we support you in the targeted generation of B2B leads. The optimization of your LinkedIn campaigns is designed transparently with us and can be traced at any time through regular monitoring and reporting.

linkedin marketing

We create your B2B strategy

By defining a goal and target group, we develop a precisely tailored strategy for your LinkedIn ads. In the look and feel of your corporate imagery, we also pack your advertising message in text ads, image/text combinations, video ads or in-mail ads. With the right call-to-action, we guide your target group towards the lead and publish your ads at regular intervals.

Target business platforms!

Your success is important to us. From the LinkedIn strategy to the definition of the target group, targeting, ad design, monitoring and optimization - with experts from SEO Creative Writers you get complete LinkedIn marketing from a single source. With our LinkedIn services, you give the most professional touch to your rband and connect with the best professionals online.


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