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The story is at the heart of every content campaign. 5 tips on how to get a good story while storytelling.

Storytelling is about conveying content in the form of a story. Depending on the channel, choose the appropriate medium: an image with a short text, a blog post, a video or a multimedia storytelling format. But what makes a story a good story? Find out what your users want! Write what your customers like to read. How it works? Here are some for the most effective tips for successful storytelling.

1. Address the emotions

Why do some stories make one tear and leave the other cold? Because something different is important to each of us. Today the technical data and facts are less appealing than the desires and the good feelings that trigger products or services in us. So, if a story tells us how a relative can use a technical novelty to make her grandfather with dementia remember her name, then we are usually affected. We know about this painful experience and are grateful for this understanding. We also respond positively to encouragement: dare. Try it. You can do more! (Slogan Saturn) Therefore, translate data into emotions. Communicate the content that really interests your target group.

2. Write for People

Touch, inspire, make laugh: All of these can be good stories. A hindrance to the emergence of good feelings is a technically well and thought-out sequence of keywords. Therefore, leave it! Google recognizes good, relevant content even without intrusive search engine optimization (SEO). Write important keywords in the headline, and maybe one or two times left in the text. Bold the important words and all is well. Put more emphasis on added value and relevance. Then it also works with loving and liking your story.

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3. Build your story short and understandable

It is a veritable flood of information in which we try again and again not to drown. Therefore: Save your users’ everyday life with beautiful, small and understandable stories. The advantage of these story snacks? It is easier for the reader to remember and reproduce them. What if your story is a little longer? Then divide them into several episodes or even a series on a specific topic.

4. Post where your readers are

Do you love Instagram? Unfortunately, your target group is on Facebook? What can you do? Lure your users to Instagram with a complex campaign? No! Go where you are heard, seen and read: on the platforms that your target group uses. If you still manage to publish your stories in the right format at the right time – jackpot!

5. Tell Living Stories

Now of course you want to know what the right format is. A mix and match have a good chance of being noticed. Write vividly and vividly, underline your statements with pictures or graphics. Seduce your readers with a short video or breathe that unique, special moment into your story with a hand-drawn sketch.

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