Marketing with Flyers and its Advantages

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Flyers are cheap, flexible, fast – and are therefore often used in the Internet age by companies of all types and sizes. Flyers can be quickly designed, designed, texted, printed and distributed. For this very reason, consider in advance what advantages the flyer will bring you, when you will use it and how you will distribute it – this is the basis for your flyer concept.

Advantages of Flyers and Folders

Flyers and folders are among the most important marketing tools. They are a charming and inexpensive way to maintain your company’s image, to remember yourself or to boost sales. On a – more or less artistically – folded sheet you can formulate sales messages accurately and spread them precisely.

Note: flyers and folders

In this chapter of the manual, the terms “flyer” and “folder” are used interchangeably.

The advantages of flyers are:

Flyers are Flexible

Flyers are suitable for many different organizations and providers: companies, self-employed, offices, associations in various industries. You can also carry out a flyer campaign on a wide variety of occasions, for example to market a new product, to open a new branch or to announce a special sale.

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Flyers are Handy

One of the greatest strengths of a folder is its small format. Readers can easily insert, file, pass on the flyer. And is independent of the Internet and electricity.

Flyers are Versatile

Flyers are easy to distribute – by post, in a personal conversation, in shops and company foyers or in letter boxes. You can also add them to products just as easily as catalogs, image brochures or mailings. Not to forget the use as leave behind, for example in personal discussions at trade fairs.

Flyers are Inexpensive

Flyers are cheaper than brochures, billboards or advertisements. Of course, this does not mean that you should save on conception, graphics and images. But you can easily adapt a folder to your corporate design and you will usually use photos and illustrations that already exist.

Flyers are Informative

Of course, a flyer cannot provide as much information about your company as a website or a brochure. But the flyer can carry more sales-promoting information than an advertisement or a poster. The folder invites readers to learn more about your offer – be it by visiting your store or requesting a catalog.

Flyers can be Produced Quickly

It usually only takes a few weeks from concept to printing. With a flyer, for example, you can react quickly to the launch of a new product or service. Or a visit to a trade fair that you would like to insert quickly and on which your planned brochure is not yet ready.

Flyers are Activating

A folder usually contains little text and many pictures. The text is easy to understand, provides a few, but apt, words about the essentials and calls for action – for example, to make an appointment for a consultation. This action-promoting effect is enhanced if the reader can use the flyer as a voucher or if you integrate a practical reply card in the folder.

Flyers are Measurable

If you provide the flyer with a voucher code for your online shop or a reply card, you can easily determine how much new business or inquiries the flyer has brought you.

Flyers Take Effect Quickly

Flyers can – depending on the industry – cause the reader to act quickly. Compared to marketing tools such as PR articles, you can expect a quick reaction – provided you provide your flyer with a clear call to action, ideally supplemented by a discount stamp or the like.

Flyers are Accurate

With flyers you can reach your target group without any wastage – provided you have defined the target group closely enough. At the same time, the inevitable wastage does not have a negative impact on your marketing budget – after all, folders can be produced relatively inexpensively.

Conclusion: Advantages of Flyers and Folders

Small but powerful: folders can be produced quickly, are inexpensive and are therefore suitable for young companies as well as for providers who are looking for a flexible advertising medium for current occasions. The little brother of the brochure should therefore not be underestimated when it comes to target group targeting.

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What flyers are for?

Flyers and folders dock wherever more complex measures reach their limits: where brochures are too expensive to manufacture and distribute, flyers score with their fast and cheap production. Where websites are bound to computers and other end devices, folders convince as a practical offline advertising medium. This flexible brochure is therefore suitable for every company size and every industry – from start-ups to large corporations, for freelance creatives as well as for hotels, craftsmen or city citizen services. Here are some occasions and ideas:

Flyer for Your Offer

The content of flyers and folders can be scaled and tailored: You can give a brief overview of your company or present individual products in detail. You can present individual lines of business or advertise branches locally. This makes flyers – in contrast to company websites or brochures – highly specific advertising media.

Flyer for the Start-Up Phase

The website is not yet ready, there is no money for a brochure and the opening is pending: For start-ups, flyers and folders are often the means of choice – cheap, flexible and therefore perfect for the first steps into entrepreneurship.

Flyer for Updates

The product brochure is only two months old and you already have three new products on offer? Then simply put them in a folder and enclose it in the brochure.

Flyer for One-Off Events

Flyers are always suitable when things have to go quickly and/or when it is a one-off event: campaigns, openings, events, seminars, lectures, discussion groups, competitions and product launches.

Flyer for Special Target Groups

With flyers you can perfectly serve defined niches of your target market. Think, for example, of a social association for integration that publishes an overview folder in different languages and can address a wide variety of migrants.

Conclusion: This is how you can use your Flyer

With flyers you can advertise, inform, make people aware of you and your concerns. These practical, small advertising media complement extensive measures such as brochures and websites, but also specific campaigns such as advertisements and mailings.

Use flyers and folders to compensate for the weaknesses of your other marketing measures and to spread your sales message more widely. Determine how your flyer fits into your marketing portfolio, which tasks it has to take on and plan the concept accordingly.

How to Distribute Your Flyer

Think in advance: How do you get your flyer out there? How do you reach your target group quickly, easily and cheaply? How do you keep spreading losses low?

If you think about these points in the planning phase, you will realize how important the structure and text of your folder are. For example, you recognize the importance of the cover: if you put your flyer on the bulletin board of the local retirement home, the graphic must catch the eye and the cover headline must be easy to understand.

If, on the other hand, you plan to only pass the flyer on during a personal (sales) conversation – for example at a technology fair – you don’t have to be as precise about the crispness of the text and graphics. Here are some tips on where and how to get your folder out there:

From Human to Human

If you travel a lot and often talk to potential customers: Always have a few flyers at hand and use them as an “extended version” of your business card.

Use your networks too: If you are organizing a seminar on search engine marketing, simply ask the members of your SEM regulars’ table to distribute a few flyers to their colleagues and friends. How to use the fact that people with certain interests in turn know people with the same interests.

In the Local Environment

Questions don’t cost anything: If you want to advertise in the local area, simply ask your business colleagues whether you can display a few flyers. In return, you can store their flyers in your shop:

  • Shops
  • Inns, restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Offices
  • doctors
  • Hairdressers, solariums
  • Cinemas

As a Side Dish

Use the manageable size and the low weight of flyers and folders and pack them in wherever they reach the target group without detours. For example:

  • Image brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Mailings
  • Packaging or products
  • bills
  • Answering inquiries

So, you can also benefit wonderfully from cross-selling and upselling. For example, if you include the folder for the next coaching seminars in your coaching book. Or if you add a flyer about individually painted helmets to the invoice for the new motorcycle helmet. Check with local newspapers and magazines to find out how much it costs to include a flyer.

Cross Media

Depending on the industry and content, you can also distribute your flyer as a file – especially if you provide it with a voucher or discount code or if it contains useful tips (checklists, etc.) for the target group. Send it via your mailing list, for example, insert the download link in your email signature and don’t forget Twitter, Facebook & Co.

In Cooperation

Team up with others. Be it with the Chamber of Commerce or the city administration, which sends new business people or new residents a welcome package with flyers and vouchers; be it with complementary providers; be it with the café in which you want to display your flyers and where you offer to provide your flyers with drinks vouchers.

Notice Boards

The great advantage of notice boards: They are practically only read by people who have the time. For example, from students who are waiting for their next lecture or from seniors who are passing the time until their adult education course. Take advantage of this and design your flyer so that it stands out graphically and makes it easy to see at a glance what it is about. Examples are:

  • Universities
  • Dormitories
  • Shopping center
  • Community centers
  • Municipal offices
  • Club homes
  • Laundromats
  • Retirement homes
  • Adult education centers
  • Sports centers

Tip: Flyer with a Personal Touch

If you use your folder in consultations and sales talks – for example at trade fairs – give it a personal touch and enhance it as a result. For example, by noting an individual voucher code on the back (of course with limited validity), or by writing your extension number or the number of your company cell phone to the prospect.

Conclusion: How Flyers Find their Readers

The small format and the low production costs of flyers invite you to experiment as far as distribution is concerned – wastage is less important.

So, try again and again original ways of distribution. But be on the safe side and inquire whether the chosen form of distribution is also permitted – for example, distributing flyers in pedestrian zones, throwing them into mailboxes or attaching them to windshields.

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