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Spam back-links may look attractive with many companies advertising it; however, the truth is that it will come back and bite you. Here is how we find out if you have links that can potentially destroy your SEO in near future.

Have you fallen for one of those monthly subscriptions that promise you to give mass shout-outs and back-links on high-authority domains at as little as $100? Well, that is probably the worst thing you will ever do for your website. They will never tell you where they have posted your links and even claim terribly ranked and blacklisted websites to be “high-authority domains”. We would even recommend that you pick those links out and remove them if you are really looking to survive in the longer run. Google’s advanced algorithms can easily identify these links and punish you for creating them, without you even knowing what is happening. Here is how we help you with this issue.

link audit

Our Link Audit Process

Step # 1

We Analyze your Links

Weak and spam back-links are not good for your website SEO – in fact, they are terrible now because Google flags these old black hat techniques. Today, many agencies offer you a monthly subscription against back-links, but they are no good. You must stay away from such services offering you cheap and bulk back-links because that will not only waste your money, but also get you in trouble. The only viable practice today is to acquire high-quality back-links from highly reputable platforms organically with naturally embedded links within a highly valuable content piece. Our SEO professionals analyze all back-links that point to your page and reveal unnatural links that need to be devalued. We show you where measures are necessary with recommendations that are transparent and easy to understand.

Link Analysis
avoid penalty

Step # 2

We help you Avoid Penalties

You don’t have to fear Penguin and Co anymore. Thanks to our link audit service, you can confidently look forward to the next Google update. Because if no harmful links point to your website, no update can punish you. Remember that Google only punishes you for doing something wrong. With us, you are never doing anything wrong – so, there’s no point in punishment.

Step # 3

We Help You Minimize Risks

Uncover unnatural links and minimize risks – your rankings will thank you! We analyze your data in such a way that you can easily understand each recommended action. With the help of our backlink analysis, you know exactly what the link structure of your website is.

business risk

Step # 4

Improve your Link Structure and Rankings

Together with the link analysis, we will give you recommendations for action that you can implement quickly and easily. This is how we ensure that your link structure remains clean and that your rankings strengthen sustainably.


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