Keyword Research

Better rankings and more sales for your Business

We conduct a comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis to find out the dynamics of your industry and which keywords will work the most in your favor. We also find out what keywords and strategies your high performing competitors are using and how you can beat the to reach a better position.

Keyword Research

Our Keyword Research Process

Step # 1

We analyze the Search Intent

For keyword research, we first determine the search intention and the phase of the customer journey in which you want to reach your target group. Since professional keyword analysis is not based solely on the selection of search terms with a high search volume, we also develop a landing page strategy, taking user intent into account.

SEO Keyword Research
Fact based Keyword Research

Step # 2

Data and Fact Based

Your business and sales don’t depend on how many visitors you get, but on the ‘right’ visitors you get. There is no point in wasting efforts on irrelevant traffic that will never buy anything from you. That is exactly why we work for qualified leads. We choose the right keywords: For our research, our agency professionals use a combination of different tools. From the pool of keywords, we carefully choose the terms that not only reach as many users as possible in the search results, but exactly the right ones.

Step # 3

We advise You Intently and Competently

Our keyword experts will also advise you on the potential of a new and unused topic that you decide to publish on. In our keyword research process, we pay particular attention to search terms that are not yet covered on your site. This way you can open up new and interesting target groups. We are always available to you personally, by email or by phone.

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Step # 4

Your rankings and your sales increase

With perfectly fitting keywords and good landing pages, you generate more high-quality traffic for your website. Your rankings increase and with it your sales experience record breaking highs!


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