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We love stories!

Stories stay with us throughout our lives. From picture books, fairy tales or the first essays in school to newspapers and online articles, hardly a day in our life has passed without a story.

Whether for the blog or your website, whether general content on tourism topics or product descriptions in the B2B area, we are the right agency for your content.

Hire Content Writing Services for your blog or website!

If you want to hire a content writer or ghostwriter for your blog or website, contact us now using the online form! With or in-house team of writers, we are already writing over a million words a month. Our writers can put their writing expertise to work for your blog, audience, business, or whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. Whether you want a business press release or an e-book, we have dedicated writers for everything.

Our ghostwriters will update your blog or website consistently and you will have a dedicated project manager who will be in touch with you and your ghostwriter to monitor progress. In addition, our experienced bloggers can write for articles or entire web pages on the most relevant topics. Let’s work together to make your blog or website a success!

content writer
content writer

What do we do?


We design content strategies and maintain your company's blog to spread news and updates. 100% original content, images, infographics.


We write about technology, marketing, medical science, health, economy, tourism, business, gastronomy, construction, health, culture, organic food, architecture, design, and a long range of topics.

Website Content

We write journalistic and corporate texts for your website. We analyze keywords and create content for your website to index effectively in search engines.

Mails and Newsletters

We do email marketing campaigns for your clients and employees. We design, model and write your newsletters achieving efficiency and impact.

Social media Content

We run the social networks of your company. As a creative writing agency, we write and publish content of interest focusing on providing value for your audience.

Online and offline Content

We write your content for any type of support, including press releases, radio and television announcements, video scripts and much more!


Whether you are an editor, an author, a company, an institution or an individual, books are an essential tool for expressing a talent, transmitting your heritage or promoting an activity. We are here to offer you professional and economical solutions to your editorial needs. Our highly valued clients include:


You are an author and you want to keep control of your works and your sales. You need to use the skills of publishing professionals to create and design your books. Discover our offer dedicated to authors.


You are a company or a community and you want to create an event around a book to breathe new life into your communication. Discover our offer dedicated to companies and communities.


You are a book publisher and you are looking to outsource certain tasks to be able to focus on the essentials, to increase your visibility or to save money. Discover our offer dedicated to publishers.


You are an individual and you want to create a book on the occasion of a special event to preserve and transmit a unique memory, especially in a biography or genealogy. Discover our offer dedicated to individuals.

We don’t just write – we create inspiring stories!

Content marketing is more than just a series of sentences and information. Our key strength is storytelling, the most important aspect of any viral marketing publication! However, we don’t just satisfy the readers, but also the search engines with our effective SEO tactics.

Your online content must tell stories and must go through a rigorous SEO optimization process. You can achieve this if you have the SEO writings done by a professional agency. At SEO Creative Writers, we specialize in both SEO and creative writing, a combination that you need to succeed.

Our Creative Writing Services

NARRATIVES – E-Books, Stories and Fiction

We shape any story you can imagine. We write literary works on any subject, including romance, mystery, science fiction and much more! If you have been searching "I am looking for a writer for my book" on Google, you have landed at the right place. Give us the idea and we will put them in beautiful words that gets you viral.

ebook writing


You might want to record adventures and trips of your life, family anecdotes, historical evolution of your lineage, a beautiful anniversary gift that includes the love story of your parents or something else. With the right words, anyone's life can become an exciting read! If you are looking for a ghost writer to write you something like this, you've already found it!

ARTICLES, blogs, copy and research

We have a creative team of outstanding article writers who have been in the industry for years. We can write chronicles and essays of any kind and for any level. Expressing an opinion or reporting an event is not always so simple. If you are at a loss for words and do not have time to spare, contact professional article writers at SEO Creative Writers.

blog writing


Imagination does not always require a thick book of literary work – sometimes a few sheets are enough to perfectly describe your idea and leave you with the good taste of a short narrative. It is a practical solution designed for original gifts, to narrate a specific idea without extensive development, or even to please the little ones in the house!


Public speaking creates uneasiness for anything, especially if it’s a very special occasion. Speeches must leave an emotional mark on your audience. Our creative writers are here to write speeches for you that best suit your character and the event in which you participate.

speech writing


In one of the most important moments of your life it is understandable that you cannot find the right words or that you cannot express everything you feel. It may simply be that you don't have the time to put it in writing. Let us write you something that sweeps her off her feet! We guarantee speed and maximum discretion!


From the writing of professional letters or legal responses, to love letters and reunions, we have the right words for you. If you are struggling with writing an important letter, we are here to help!

letter writing


A poem is a short composition that excites the readers without delaying the plot. Give us a theme, a person, an object, a place, and we will develop the rhymes around it.


We help you take advantage of the right words and get the clearest and most professional results. Contact us if you have doubts in writing your profiles and advertising texts.

copy writing


We offer assistance and review of your work, including corrections, restructuring, defining characters and plots, temporal coherence and much more! We help you structure your work and carry out a thorough review of it, chapter by chapter.

Our E-Book Features

Communication Strategy

We bring you all the communication solutions related to the lifecycle of the book. The book is an essential tool for authors and publishers. We offer you the possibility of outsourcing all or part of the stages of a book’s life, from conception to design, including marketing and promotion.

Brand Voice

The book is also a decisive communication tool for a company, an institution or a community. It spreads the values of a brand or a group in a sustainable and accessible way. We create your book entirely, from writing the content to printing, including the layout and the visuals.

Creative Writing

We help individuals who wish to design and author fiction and non-fiction books. You have them ready with the help of our publishing professionals. We offer all the services to give you the best result at the most competitive prices.


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