Analyzing Lost Ranking

We analyze every single page on your website in detail, and also evaluate all your back links. We figure out where exactly the problem lies and why you have lost ranking

Your SEO was working well but you suddenly started losing ranking. You hired SEO services, it showed results and you paid for it. Later, you realized that all of it backfired. Why? It could be because of the latest Google update, or it could be that your SEO guy (or agency) used techniques that temporarily show reflections on some tools. However, it is only good until crawlers visit your links and find issues and wrong practices. This is really bad, because SEO is all about long-term results. That is where we step in and work transparently on your website, using organic best-practices. Here is how we help you analyze and fix lost ranking.

SEO Analysis

Our Rank Analysis Process

Step # 1

We Analyze Your Page

We narrow down the page areas, find the possible reasons behind your loss of ranking and give you specific recommendations for action. We put your site through our comprehensive analysis done by our research team and deal with your individual goals and requirements.

Step # 2

We Act Quickly and Transparently

When it’s too good to be true, it usually is. Many people may promise you quick wins and results which start ranking your site on independent platforms like Moz and SEMRush, but bad practices are only good until Google crawls your site and wipes it off from the search results. This would never happen with us because everything we do is to ensure that your site win in the long-term, which is exactly what SEO is all about. After a ranking loss, we usually have to act quickly! We will help you promptly so that the errors can be rectified quickly. We analyze your page individually and adapt to your circumstances and your industry. We also document our procedure in detail and make it simpler for you to easily follow everything.

Step # 3

We Give You Clear Recommendations for Action

After our analysis, you will get enough information about the causes that may be behind your loss of ranking. Then you can take appropriate measures together with us so that your page in the organic ranking improves again. But even if you want to implement the measures independently, we will give you detailed instructions and guidelines to start with.


Step # 4

Your Rankings Recover

With the help of our recommended measures, your rankings and your visibility recover – your page appears again at the top of the search results and your conversions increase again.


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