7 Tips on How to Identify a Good Website Design Agency

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Professionalism, quality, reliability and transparency are among the factors by which you can recognize a professional website design agency and services. Before you hire an agency, you should find out whether your favorite has one these attributes and can guarantee sufficient performance. Do not rely on advertising statements and promises. Follow our 7 tips and get to know the basis for competent services that are provided to your complete satisfaction and your imagination.

1. No greenhorn - avoid very young start-ups and look for a good advertising agency with experience

Trust a well-established and an experienced web agency. How to know about the agency and its efficiency? Google user signals? Page landing period? Best content, placement and coloring of call-to-action buttons? IDF-optimized texts? SEO KPIs? A / B or multivariate tests? Maybe none of this means anything to you. It doesn’t have to, because this is probably not your business either. However, if you were to call your advertising agency at 3 a.m., the explanations should come off like a shot. It is all about solid experience and their targeted application. There is only one key to this; experience.

Don’t become the guinea pig of a startup

There is no better way to score an own goal than to become the guinea pig for a very young start-up. There are no empirical values, no workflows, a lack of competence and quality. You turn a lot of laps until you get on the road to success. This is completely normal in the first few years, but not with your project.

Barely price differences between established good agencies and greenhorns

Experience shows it – there are no major differences in price between the offers of experienced agencies and those of newbies. Those who are still green behind the ears orient themselves towards the market in terms of price, content, and design. The only thing missing is the experience and knowledge base behind the scenes. And it is precisely this basis that makes the difference between fooling around and full throttle on the road to success.

2. You can recognize a good advertising agency by its offer - keyword transparency

Improve business success with website development agency

Our tips with which you can identify a good web design agency also deal with the preparation and presentation of the offers, in particular with the attribute transparency. Take a close look at the offer and ask yourself whether you are well-informed at first glance or whether you are in doubt on some points.

Only if an offer is plausible, well-structured and understandable the first time; it a good and transparent advertising agency. Nested offers that are not subdivided into the individual costs are not transparent and usually lead to the fact that you end up paying more.

What is the cost of which service and what is the total price? You can recognize a good web design agency when you first look at the offerings on the website. Transparency is directly related to seriousness and reliability. Therefore, we dedicate not just one of the 7 tips to transparency, but the second chapter. Transparency not only plays an important role in pricing, but also in the entire service portfolio.

Well-prepared offers are the flagship of a good advertising agency

After checking the offer on the agency’s website, you should request a personal offer before making the final decision. In our 7 tips we expressly point out that you recognize a good web design agency if the offer is made to you without obligation and of course free of charge. If this is not the case, other points will not be correct and you should assume that the money earned for this agency comes before the services are provided. A good offer by which you can recognize a good web design agency is as follows.

Transparency as a quality feature of an advertising agency

  • You will receive a detailed web design offer with all services, individual and total costs
  • It is a reasonable service contract.
  • All services are listed again in the contract.
  • You will receive a specification sheet with the offer.
  • You can request changes at any time.
  • You can recognize a good web design agency by the fact that it is reachable and communicative.

If the preparation of the offer is already sloppy and limited to a minimum of information content, you can usually assume that it does not look better in the other service areas. After all, the cost offer is an impulse generator of the agency, with which the success or failure in customer acquisition is decided.

3. Agency’s quality services

It is daily business for many agencies to use ready-made themes and only swap the logo and images. If such a screenshot is submitted to you as a layout proposal and sold as a self-created web design at an expensive price, you will be left behind in the end. For the cheating web developers and agencies, there is an immense advantage after your approval of the web design layout. What you didn’t know, saves the web designer a lot of work. Because the website is already programmed and not only you, but also other users have already decided on this layout before you.

So do you get individuality? Not at all! A pre-made theme is detrimental to you and has nothing to do with design. In the worst case, there are already numerous pages similar to your website in the same layout, only with different photos and content on the web. In addition to the references, you can recognize a good web design agency by the fact that the website already shows that the designs are also programmed yourself. In the context of flat-rate prices, you can assume that your layout will be purchased and not programmed individually for you.

A good web design agency offers individual concepts and design from scratch

For a reputable agency, the individual development of your web design is a matter of course. As a customer, you have a specific, predefined target group and your individual self-image that distinguishes you from your competitors. When a customer has to choose between you and a competitor, that little bit of individualism can make all the difference.

Off-the-shelf websites and layouts are naturally counterproductive

In view of this fact, websites and off-the-shelf layouts are naturally counterproductive and in some cases, damages your success. You do a lot of offline efforts to establish yourself in the competition and to emphasize your unique selling point and your corporate identity. When it comes to your website, this factor plays an equally important role and is the indicator of your competitiveness on the World Wide Web.

4. You can recognize a good web design agency by its ability to program

A good agency should be able to program the website itself and have core competence in the most important programming languages. In the 7 tips for making the right decision, programming skills take a leading position. Without this agency’s expertise, you could just as easily save money by creating your website with a website kit and relying on ready-made and non-modifiable layouts Focused structures.

Your website grows with your success and needs. Technical, graphic and structural changes or extensions are therefore not uncommon for you to approach your web designer. Those who program themselves will be happy to take on your order reliably and professionally at a fair cost offer.

Every good agency offers quality assurance

Quality assurance is an important indicator by which you can recognize a good web design agency. Prefer service providers who work according to the dual control principle and carry out analysis with innovative tools, such as Google Page Speed and Google Lighthouse. In combination of the technical monitoring carried out with tools and the human examination of a second observer, the quality increases, as the error rate drops to zero. If you hire an agency, you should specifically ask about quality assurance and find out what measures are being taken to optimize the quality of services.

Web experience

5. Good advertising agencies offer permanent contacts

Agencies that focus on anonymous mass processing rarely convince with top performance and hardly with a result has that corresponded to your expectations. Often such agencies are even companies operating from abroad who have neither local designers or developers nor real specialist knowledge and expertise. Your order will be gladly accepted, but the result in this case remains questionable.

A personal collaboration should be a matter of course for a good web agency

Anyone who meets with you online and wants to handle communication by e-mail or a hotline is not really a good and serious web designer. As you have already learned in a previous note on our tips, you can recognize a good web design agency if it realizes your project together with you and according to your ideas. For this reason alone, personal collaboration is essential

6. Agencies offering fixed prices are 99% doubtful

A fixed price that is clearly visible on an agency’s website and sounds tempting at first glance are the most doubtful agencies. If the agency promises you fixed costs and thus a budget-safe project, try not to work with them. Above all, you save yourself the laborious way of requesting an offer. How can a blindly written fixed price be realized without the web designer knowing the scope? Web designing can never have a fixed price. It always varies depending on the complexity and features of the site.

Fixed flat rates on the agency

We strongly advise you not to rely on flat rates on the website of a web agency. For example, you have a small project that you would like to implement without long waiting and preferably on fixed terms. You can recognize a good web design agency by the fact that it does not offer a fixed price without knowing

the scope of the project beforehand. Otherwise, there is no question that the money you paid for the small project will also be used to finance a significantly larger project for another customer.

7. Regular website maintenance is simply part of a good advertising agency

Your website has been created and is available online. Who is responsible for the perfect technical functionality and maintenance of the website? Remember that it is not just the visitor to your website who will quickly notice when the homepage has not been updated. Google also notices old page content very quickly and punishes this with poorer rankings.

It is particularly tragic when people hesitate to spend on technical maintenance. In the worst case scenario, hackers can take control and install malware as a result. Page visitors then infect their computer when they visit your website. As soon as Google or other monitoring systems notice this, the website is also noted on a global blacklist and is blocked by the browser and search engines with a red alarm screen.

Choose a provider who can and wants to take care of website maintenance

Finding a good web design agency is highly recommended. If the web designer declares his work to be finished after the completion of the homepage and excludes further services, you should immediately consider another agency for better services.

When requesting an offer, you should inquire whether the homepage maintenance is offered as a cost-effective additional service or not. In this way you rule out subsequent sensation effects and disappointments and you can be sure that the website is not only professionally created, but also comprehensively maintained and serviced.

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